Faculty of Medicine

academic strategic plan 2018-2023

Academic Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Over the course of a year, the Faculty of Medicine consulted more than 400 people, reaching out to every sector and constituency that comprises U of T Medicine. From the input we received, we identified a guiding vision for this Faculty:

Our learners, graduates, faculty, staff and partners will be an unparalleled force for new knowledge, better health and equity.

We will cultivate and bring to life ideas that impact scholarship and society through unprecedented collaboration drawing in the diverse voices of our research, learning and clinical network.

I am pleased to share with you the 2018-2023 Academic Strategic Plan, which details how we will achieve that vision and advance our work as one of the world’s top faculties of medicine. Together, we will be leaders in generating knowledge, improving health outcomes and achieving greater equity.

Professor Trevor Young
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Vice Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions
University of Toronto

Strategic Domains of Focus:

Ecosystem of Collaboration

1. Ecosystem of Collaboration


Promote, incentivize and support a new level of collaboration among our faculty, staff, learners, academic health science partners and our community that fuses the diverse strengths of our network and creates new possibilities for research, education and solutions for better health in our communities.

Everything we do will set us up for exponential impact that draws on the diverse voices in our unparalleled research, learning and clinical network.

Initial Priorities for Action:

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Groundbreaking Imagination

2. Groundbreaking Imagination


Amplify our discoveries and academic excellence, escalate the real-world impact of our research and teaching and make space for novel collaborations that produce the extraordinary.

We will cultivate and bring to life ideas that impact scholarship and society.

Initial Priorities for Action:

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Excellence through Equity

3. Excellence through Equity


Make inclusion and equity essential components of how we define and foster excellence in scholarship, practice and health outcomes. Individuals across the Faculty of Medicine, regardless of how they identify, will be invited to have a voice and be empowered to effect change.  

Our environment will draw in and draw on our global outlook through diverse perspectives from a range of disciplines.  Our graduates will be internationally recognized and a change force for equity.

Initial Priorities for Action:

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Enablers to Support these Domains:

Ecosystem of Collaboration

Enabler 1: Support Health and Wellbeing in Everything We Do


Foster a culture where health, wellbeing and resiliency are considered and integrated in all elements of our enterprise from the places we work, learn and conduct research to the opportunities people have to express their diverse needs.

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Enabler 2: Infrastructure, Policies and Technology that Compel Collaboration and Support Sustainability


Create a seamless flow of ideas and effective stewardship of resources within the Faculty of Medicine, across the University, across the TAHSN network and with other local, national and international partners to enhance our ability to collaborate and have collective sustainable impact.

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