2020 Dean's Report - illustration of faculty

Academic Strategic Plan 2018-2023

To achieve a goal as ambitious as ours – to be one of the world’s best medical faculties – you need more than a strong team. You need a dedicated community with a shared vision that is both self-aware enough to see where we need to improve, but also confident enough to acknowledge our strengths. Now in the second year of our current Academic Strategic Plan, I see the strength of our community, the importance of the goals we have established, and our shared commitment to achieving them.

As we begin a new academic year – one in which we seek to maintain our academic mission in the midst of a global pandemic – I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year and report on the progress we have made implementing the Faculty of Medicine’s academic strategic plan. We have made great strides in achieving many of our early goals. In doing so, we have worked to create a Faculty of Medicine where the contributions of learners, faculty and staff are respected and supported. Where our research ambitions are matched by new resources and where we work to ensure our space better supports our efforts. And, where equity, diversity and inclusion are not just respected, but engrained in everything we do.

I invite you to learn more about the work we’ve undertaken, as well some of the metrics that attest to our performance. And, I encourage your ongoing engagement as we continue to demonstrate our leadership in advancing new knowledge, better health and equity.


Trevor Young
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Vice Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions
University of Toronto


What is the Academic Strategic Plan?

An academic strategic plan outlines goals that advance the mission and vision of an academic unit over a five-year period. In the fall of 2018, the Faculty of Medicine began a consultation process that heard from more than 400 people and involved nearly 100 people who served on working groups. This process led to the development of the Academic Strategic Plan 2018-2023: Leadership in advancing new knowledge, better health and equity, which was approved by Faculty Council in November 2018 and implementation began in January 2019.

2020 Plan Updates: 

Optimizing our Learning Environments

Deepen the integration of wellness, respect and resilience, including the promotion of professional values.

Improving Faculty Wellness

We will foster a culture where health, wellbeing and resilience are promoted across our enterprise.

Research & Innovation Leadership

Develop a pipeline for research and innovation leadership in the Faculty through training and faculty development.

Rehabilitation Research & Clinical Capacity

Expand rehabilitation research and clinical capacity to address burgeoning demographic needs.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Create and resource a comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion plan, including a review of current resources across the Faculty.

Indigenous Medical Education

Expand the mandate of the Office of Indigenous Medical Education to support learners, faculty and staff across the education continuum while identifying appropriate resources and Indigenous leadership.

Artificial Intelligence

Build capacity to reflect the emerging role of artificial intelligence in health professions.

Space Planning

Engage in a Master Programming study to meet the Faculty’s future needs for collaborative learning and research across all sectors and programs.


How do we demonstrate we are Canada’s leading faculty of medicine? Through data.