Faculty of Medicine

Reflect the Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence

Groundbreaking Imagination

Groundbreaking Imagination

Build capacity to reflect the emerging role of artificial intelligence in health professions.

Building training opportunities around AI will raise awareness and reduce stress and anxiety about the use of AI in clinical care.

Technology is at the heart of advancing this goal. In developing strategic partnerships that will advance this goal, we will ensure clear policies are in place for material transfer agreements as well as data ownership, management and security.

The Team

Decanal Sponsor: Trevor Young

Working Group Members:

Alan Moody, Rita Kandel, Marcus Law, Kaveh Shojania, Suzan Schneeweiss, and Bo Wang 

Staff Support: Liam Mitchell; CPD Team

The Action Plan


  1. Develop educational offerings, including incorporating modules into MD and Post-MD training and creating continuing medical education modules for practicing physicians and surgeons.
  2. Develop strategic partnerships that can research/respond to the implications AI poses to clinical care, with a particularly emphasis on relevant cognate units, such as computer science, the Vector Institute and others.
  3. Consider hosting an international conference.


  1. Establish a “thinking group” of U of T-based thought leaders who can ideate on the strategies noted above and give feedback on priorities and direction.
  2. Create “action teams” that will develop and implement the refined strategies.
  3. Continue to engage the thinking group as an advisory board to the action teams and to identify future opportunities.


December: First meeting of the thinking group

January – mid-February: Refine and finalize strategies

Mid-February – April: Established action teams and prepare workplan for implementing strategy

April: Second meeting of the thinking group to review/discuss each workplan

Mid-April – Last-August: Implement workplan

Fall 2019: Third meeting of thinking group to review implementation



  1. Number of AI-related educational offerings and enrolment in them.
  2. Number of strategic AI-related partnerships developed.