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Held regularly, Temerty Medicine Talks (formerly known as UofTMed Talks) are intimate, intelligent and inspiring takes on how scientific discovery and collaborative research at Temerty Medicine and our partner hospitals are advancing health care.

Latest event:

April 2021 — On Aging and Place

The Globe and Mail's health columnist André Picard spoke with U of T's Dr. Sacha Bhatia and Dr. Sharon Straus about how the spaces we inhabit impact aging, what we've learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, and opportunities to transform how (and where!) we grow older in the future.

Next event:

June 2021 — Stay tuned for event details

Past events include:

December 2020 — In Pursuit of Equity: Transforming Physician Training
November 2020 — Science on the Front Line: COVID-19 and Beyond
October 2020 — Medicine and the Machine: The Artificial Intelligence Health Revolution
May 2019 — Chronic Pain and the Opioid Crisis
September 2018 — Cannabis
May 2018 — End of Life Care in the Era of Assisted Dying
September 2017 — Insulin and the Future of Diabetes
May 2017 — Brain Cancer Dream Team