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The Faculty of Medicine is ramping up non-COVID-19 research across its on-campus and off-campus locations, with as much activity as is possible while keeping health and safety concerns first and foremost. The University has developed guidelines for this reactivation of research, and the Faculty must remain in sync with these, as well as provincial guidelines.

In Phase 1 of the research restart, which is in effect from June 4, 2020 until the University notifies the Faculty otherwise, total lab personnel on-site, including the principal investigator, must not exceed 20% of pre-COVID complement at any one point in time. Physical distancing protocols are in effect (see FAQs).

In the face of a continuously evolving situation, we know we must remain agile and responsive. Please ensure that all relevant information is disseminated to applicable research team members and that the University’s guidance is followed. Faculty members have a responsibility to their staff, trainees, and research participants to stay informed of the current University and research updates:



For Principal Investigators

An FAQ for PIs returning to research
Commonly asked questions about scheduling and supplies.

For All Research Personnel

An FAQ for researchers
Commonly asked questions about protocols and working space.

What's New in Research Funding

Keeping You Up to Date
We are pleased to assist the research community in identifying potential sources of funding.

If you have urgent health or safety concerns related to research restart:

  • Notify your Supervisor

  • You can also notify your Joint Health and Safety Contact

If you aren't sure who your JHS contact is, you can look them up on the EHS website.

You can also reach out to

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