U of T Medicine's David Lee & Kristian McCarthy on LGBTQ+ Health, Pride Month and Advocacy

Kristian McCarthy and David Lee are second-year MD students and co-presidents of Out in Medicine. As passionate advocates for equity and inclusion and future physicians, they spoke about the importance of addressing health inequities faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, advocating for marginalized communities and using an intersectional lens to address health inequities. 
Jun 27 / 2020

Gaps in Data Impact Patients Considering Gender Affirming Surgery

Researchers from the University of Toronto are calling for more data collection on gender affirming surgeries to better understand surgical techniques and improve care for transgender patients. Drs. Yonah Krakowsky, Kinnon Ross MacKinnon and Ethan Grober published a commentary this month in the Canadian Urological Association Journal, which focused on the absence of data on surgical outcomes.
Jun 26 / 2020

“Fascinating Machines of Death”: Donnelly Study Reveals How Bacterial Toxins Might Evolve to Cause New Illnesses

The coronavirus pandemic is a daily reminder of the consequences brought by a successful invasion of human cells by a pathogen. As a new Donnelly Centre study on bacterial toxins shows, it does not take much for these encounters to turn deadly.
Jun 25 / 2020

When Two are Better Than One: Why Some Gene Duplicates are Retained While Others Perish

Whole genome duplication followed by massive gene loss has shaped many genomes, including the human genome. Why some gene duplicates are retained while most perish has puzzled scientists for decades.
Jun 25 / 2020


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Researchers are mobilizing against the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and COVID-19.

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