Faculty of Medicine

Expand Rehabilitation Research & Clinical Capacity

Groundbreaking Imagination

Groundbreaking Imagination

Expand rehabilitation research and clinical capacity to address burgeoning demographic needs.

The support and wellbeing of our faculty will be a prominent feature in expanding capacity in the Rehab Sector.

Technology and collaboration are critical in advancing this goal. Inherent in dealing with the large Rehab Sector across the GTA and the various institutions where our faculty and trainees work we will need to collaborate widely across the sector and use technology to achieve our goals.

The Team

Decanal Sponsor: Allan Kaplan

Working Group Members: Angela Colantonio, Susan Jaglal, Susan Rappolt, Pascal Van Lieshout.

Staff Support: TBD.

The Action Plan


  1. Survey the over 100 members of the University Partnership for Academic Rehabilitation (UPAR) to get input from the members of the Rehab Community as to their academic and educational needs
  2. This survey will inform us as to what would be the best strategies to use to meet our goals


Meet with the working group to plan next steps and timelines


December – First meeting of the working group (WG) to establish TOR

January/February - Second meeting of the WG to develop online survey to ask UPAR members to complete March – roll out survey

April- Third Meeting of WG – develop strategies to implement as a result of the survey responses

May-August – implement strategies

Fall 2019 - Fourth Meeting of WG- to evaluate short term impact of the strategies implemented



How many faculty are involved for the first time in meaningful clinically relevant research across UPAR