Create & Resource a Comprehensive Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan

Excellence through Equity

Excellence through Equity

Create and resource a comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion plan, including a review of current resources across the Faculty, development of interdisciplinary programs, and expansion of the “We All Belong” campaign.

VoT Survey data shows direct connection between EDI and wellness, so by supporting equity initiatives we are automatically enhancing wellness.

Equity-based educational initiatives will emphasize the importance of impact over intention (e.g. microaggressions etc.) to address wellbeing through EDI work.

The overall approach to carrying out EDI initiatives will be based on a model of collaboration and partnership with multiple stakeholders within and external to the Faculty.

2019 Dean's Report Update: This working group is developing the Faculty’s first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) plan, which will be released later this fall. The plan aims to affect a culture shift that ensures EDI is a consideration in all activities. It will also propose a new interdepartmental centre to fuel scholarship and curriculum development in this field of work. 

The Team

Decanal Sponsor: Lisa Robinson

Co-chairs: Ike Okafor (OHPSA) and Onye Nnorom (MD Program)

Working Group Members:

  • Learners/Post-Doc Advisors: Sally Abudiab (RSI student), Steven Cho (MD Student), Priya Dhir (MD Student), Pascal Djiadeu (Post-Doctoral Fellow, SMH), Lina Elfaki (MD Student), Melissa Galati (IMS PhD Candidate), Justin Lam (Resident Physician), Nazia Peer (Post-Doctoral Fellow, SMH), Alina Zgardau (IMS Graduate Student), Stephanie Zhou (Resident Physician)
  • Staff: Rochelle Allan (OIME), Glenys Babcock (OID), Nythalah Baker (UTM Equity Office), Anita Balakrishna (OID), John Croutch (Office of the Vice-President, Human Rights & Equity), Liam Mitchell (Medicine Communications)
  • Faculty: Jayne Danska (SickKids Research), Arno Kumagai (DoM), Nana Lee (GLSE), Liam Mitchell (MedComms), Stella Ng (SLP/CFD), Sharon Straus (DoM), Barry Trentham (OS & OT)

2019 Dean's Report Update

A. The working group has accomplished the following to date:

  • Conducted an environmental scan of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) practices across the Faculty of Medicine;
  • Identified key partnerships to support EDI work;
  • Identified promising practices in EDI educational campaigns;
  • Prepared a summary proposal to establish an Extra-Departmental Unit (Type C) to fuel scholarship and curriculum development in this field of work; and,
  • Prepared a draft EDI plan and consulted broadly in working to finalize the plan.

B. Over the next year, the working group aims to accomplish the following:

  • Release the Faculty of Medicine's first Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan
  • Launch a new centre focused on research and education in EDI