Faculty of Medicine

Create & Resource a Comprehensive Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan

Excellence through Equity

Excellence through Equity

Create and resource a comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion plan, including a review of current resources across the Faculty, development of interdisciplinary programs, and expansion of the “We All Belong” campaign.

VoT Survey data shows direct connection between EDI and wellness, so by supporting equity initiatives we are automatically enhancing wellness.

Equity-based educational initiatives will emphasize the importance of impact over intention (e.g. microaggressions etc.) to address wellbeing through EDI work.

The overall approach to carrying out EDI initiatives will be based on a model of collaboration and partnership with multiple stakeholders within and external to the Faculty.

The Team

Decanal Sponsor: Lisa Robinson

Key Collaborator(s): Anita Balakrishna, Glenys Babcock, Onye Nnorom, Sharon Straus

Working Group Members:

  • Staff: Ike Okafor (OHPSA) Rochelle Allan (U of T Law), Nythalah Baker (UTM Equity Officer), Jonathon Hamilton-Diabo (Director of Indigenous Initiatives), Liam Mitchell (Medicine Communications)
  • Faculty: Arno Kumagai (DoM), Nana Lee (Biochemistry & Immunology), Stella Ng (SLP/CFD), Barry Trentham (OT)
  • Learners: Grad student, trainee (TBD)

Staff Support: Administrative Support (TBD), Anita Balakrishna, Glenys Babcock

The Action Plan


  1. Use an evidence-based, consultative, and antioppressive approach to determine and move forward the key priorities for an EDI plan while leveraging the ongoing working groups of the Diversity Advisory Council. This will start with an evidence-based approach to first benchmark where we are and then identify areas for development/improvement, programming, and monitoring progress.
  2. Expand partnerships, collaborations, and networks within and external to the Faculty of Medicine community to promote an inclusive, collaborative approach to the creation and enhancement of interdisciplinary EDI initiatives and to magnify the impact of EDI programming
  3. Research and consolidate wise practices for inclusivity and equity campaigns and educational initiatives that raise awareness, promote accountability, and aim to transform institutional culture and climate.


  1. Conduct a scan of EDI activities and initiatives already taking place throughout the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. Establish and leverage the expertise of a subgroup that will coordinate and direct research and information needs for the Team to create an EDI plan.
  3. Create a map of ongoing collaborations, partnerships, and relationships between the Diversity Office and other stakeholders.
  4. Document successful EDI campaigns within postsecondary and health care institutions.


December: Confirm members of the Team

January: Meeting of Team members to dialogue about terms of reference, confirm proposed strategies, finalize and prioritize action items, and create subgroups/committees

February: Coordinate the creation of backgrounders (i.e. relevant data, literature, wise practices) and detailed action plans within each subgroup/committee

March: Finalize subgroup backgrounders and detailed action plans and circulate these documents to the entire team for feedback

April: Meeting of the Team to dialogue/provide feedback about each subgroup’s action plan and to brainstorm components of a substantive, overarching EDI plan for the FoM

May: September: Implement action plans and create draft FoM EDI plan.

September 2019: Meeting of the Team to review implementation of action plans and next steps for overarching FoM EDI plan.



  1. All working group members will document the activities they engage in (# of hours) and will provide other working group members with regular progress reports at meetings and between meetings (via email).
  2. By Fall 2019 the Team will aim to have all the information required to create a comprehensive EDI plan for the FoM. The following will be completed:
    • A comprehensive environmental scan of EDI initiatives, programs, champions, and success stories throughout the FoM
    • Completion of the analysis of relevant FoT Survey Data that is directly related to the implementation of the Team’s action plans and creation of an EDI plan
    • Completion of a map of existing, developing, and yet to develop partnerships, collaborations and relationships between the Diversity Office and other stakeholders
    • Development of a proposal for an EDI campaign for the FoM (based on research of successful EDI campaigns within other post-secondary and health care institutions)