Faculty of Medicine

Engage in Master Planning

Ecosystem of Collaboration

Ecosystem of Collaboration

Engage in Master Planning process to meet the Faculty’s future needs for collaborative learning and research across all sectors and programs.

A facilities Master Plan would lead to orderly development of the faculty’s research, education and administrative facilities. This would address functionality and flexibility for departmental needs while creating a workplace environment that that enhance employee productivity and well-being.

The ultimate goal of the Master Plan is to ensure appropriate facilities infrastructure, communications technology, and adjacencies to enhance collaborative work across the Faculty for years to come.  It will also provide a framework for developing funding strategies to ensure sustainable operations.


The Team

Decanal Sponsor: Dev Chopra

Key Collaborator(s)

  • University Planning, Design and Construction
  • All Faculty of Medicine Departments and Units

Working Group Members:

Patricia Houston, Heather Taylor and Dev Chopra will lead the initial effort of an RFP being issued. Once an external architect led consortium has been selected, additional members would be added as per the project plan to develop the Master Plan.

Staff Support: Facilities and Space Planning staff

The Action Plan


  1. A robust plan for consultation across the faculty including academic, research and administrative staff as well as students.
  2. Ensuring that the Master Plan incorporates evolving best practices in research and education as well as communications technology.


  1. Ensure that the RFP is clear as to expected outputs and competencies necessary to deliver the same. 
  2. Participate in RFP evaluation.
  3. Have an internal project structure and resources in place that will work with the external winning consortia to ensure seamless execution of the work plan.


RFP to be issued in December 2018
Successful bidder notified March 2018
Execution of plan April 2018 to March 2020


Monitor and ensure all phases of work plan are executed as per agreed to schedule.