Develop a Pipeline for Research and Innovation Leadership

Groundbreaking Imagination

Groundbreaking Imagination

Develop a pipeline for research and innovation leadership in the Faculty through training and faculty development (e.g. Research-Entrepreneur-in-Residence pilot program).

Building education opportunities in research and innovation leadership that emphasize importance and specific concepts of health and well-being as key to success in leadership in this creative space.

Work in concert with TAHSN partners to leverage expertise, technology and infrastructure to improve coordination of activities and effort, reducing redundancies where possible. Promote existing innovation education resources to the research community, and work with these programs to develop life sciences-specific training where appropriate, e.g. U of T Entrepreneurship, MaRS Entrepreneurship 101, and School of Continuing Studies.

2019 Dean's Report Highlights: This working group aims to strengthen the pipeline for research and innovation leadership in the Faculty through training and faculty development. They have developed a job description for a new Executive-in-Residence role that will work with faculty members to translate research discoveries into new entrepreneurial endeavours. They also plan to develop an online, searchable database of leadership development opportunities available to our community within the next year, in addition to filling that new role. 

The Team

Decanal Sponsor: Richard Hegele

Key Collaborator(s): Dean’s Executive; Vice Chairs/Associate Chairs Research; VPRs of TAHSN affiliates; the central Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO).

Working Group Members:

  • Prof. Ruth Ross (Pharm/Tox)
  • Prof. Paul Santerre (IBBME)
  • Prof. Michael Farkouh (Medicine)
  • Prof. Susan Jaglal (PT)
  • Ms. Hannah Kozlowski (MD-PhD student)
  • Mr. Jeremy Knight (OVDRI)

Staff Support: Jeremy Knight

2019 Dean's Report Update

A. The working group has accomplished the following to date:

  • Conducted a scan of leadership development opportunities available in U of T system (incl. TAHSN-affiliated sites) 
  • Decided to promote existing opportunities on online and through digital channels 
  • Emphasize matching the available leadership development opportunities to the interests and goals of the interested individual
  • Developed a job description of a research-entrepreneur-in residence in FoM, identifying two, essentially non-overlapping, types of entrepreneurial expertise are needed vis-a-vis experience, skill set, networks, etc.:
    • Drug development. Lengthy path from discovery to commercialization; long product half-life; extensive validation and testing pathway; regulatory considerations.
    • Device development (also includes software, services, new processes). Shorter path from discovery to commercialization; short product half-life (new products always coming out to supplant existing ones); “need for speed” (i.e., faster technology that comes to market tends to be more successful, even if better—but less developed—technology exists, or is on the horizon)

B. Over the next year, the working group aims to accomplish the following:

  • Develop an on-line, searchable database of leadership development opportunities available to our community
  • Finalize pilot of Research-Entrepreneur-in-Residence 
  • Increase awareness and promote opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration (EDUs; CFI-IF applications; inter-divisional initiatives (e.g., CRAFT; PRiME); TC3 Cannabis initiative to succeed Centre for Collaborative Drug Research; Donnelly Accelerator (AcDC), etc.)—particular emphasis on greater engagement of the rehabilitation sector
  • Promote city-wide rounds and events in interdisciplinary research and collaboration, working closely with EDUs and other initiatives
  • Progress on Advancement strategies for “Health Nexus” (being done with central UofT Advancement), TC3 and rehabilitation sector
  • Connect the Working Group to the Faculty’s new Professional Relationship Management Committee to ensure that our engagement with industry is conducted in compliance with the highest standards of academic integrity.