Facilities Management and Space Planning Services


The Facilities Management and Space Planning Office is responsible for all aspects of capital project planning, high-level, strategic space planning and facilities space planning for various Faculty projects on the St. George and suburban campuses of the University of Toronto, as well as additional distributed sites as they come on board by way of lease or other agreement.  In addition, the department plays a key role in the implementation of capital projects; conducts research related to physical planning for University facilities; liaises with internal and external consultants and partners, and provides specialized guidance to other staff within the unit.

Joint Health and Safety Committees

The Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) is a group of Faculty of Medicine volunteers made up of both Worker (Unionized) and Management members. There are many small, building-centered committees that meet throughout the year, and inform the Faculty Committee of any health and safety concerns or issues pertaining to their respective building(s). The Faculty JHSC meets four times per year to discuss health and safety issues in the Faculty, and volunteers and visitors are always welcome.

These types of committees are found campus wide and are organized by Environmental Health and Safety. Information about EHS can be found online at http://www.ehs.utoronto.ca


Ergonomics is, simply put, the science of fitting the workplace, furniture, tasks, tools and equipment to the worker…not fitting the worker to the equipment! We can provide an assessment that includes setting up a staff member's desk correctly, adjusting the chair and monitor, and in some cases, suggesting accessories or new furnishings for the person. Ergonomic assessments are provided free of charge to Faculty of Medicine staff and faculty through FM&SP, on a one-on-one basis. These assessments are undertaken by Andrea Leung, our Certified Office Ergonomics Evaluator.


If you require a new key or a door re-keyed then please contact your department’s Business Officer. If you are under the department of the Office of the Dean, please contact our Facilities Coordinator at space.med@utoronto.ca.

New Hire Information Sheet (Dean’s Office)

Our department is able to assist with answering some of the questions that each new employee has about their new office space. To make this easier we have provided a print off sheet to answer some of the questions that they might have. The sheet includes answers about telephone, keys, furniture, and computer, hanging of artwork and what caretaking services can be expected.The print out can be downloaded here and if there are any additional questions then the  Facilities Coordinator will be able to assist you.

 If your department does not fall under the Dean’s Office then please speak with your Business Officer for the above information.

Office Move Packing Information

Office and department moves do happen around the faculty and our department is able to provide some guidance to completing a successful office move. We have provided a list of guidelines for proper packing, a check-list that can be reviewed before leaving your office prior to your move and a printable label for the bin or box that contains the computer. The list and information can be downloaded here.