A memory that is engraved in my mind and in my senses is the anatomy lab, which was then in the McMurrich building. Still to this day, when I go into the building I think I can smell the formaldehyde. 

Whether you are a student at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, my main advice would be to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are available here, whether it’s identifying mentors, teachers, or research opportunities. It’s thanks to my mentors and research experiences that I pursued a career in academic medicine.

Addiction, incarceration and homelessness have all been central to Dr. Lipi Roy’s career as an addiction medicine physician. Roy spoke with MedAlumni’s Julie Lafford about her experience caring for vulnerable populations.

My desire to be a doctor goes way back. I always wanted to be in medicine and there is one moment that I remember so clearly. I was on the street car and we drove passed the Western Hospital in Toronto. At that point I had decided to become a nurse because I wanted to have a family, and I figured I couldn’t have a family as a doctor. As we passed the hospital, I remember saying, "No, I don’t want to be a nurse I want to be a doctor."

Jun 26 Annual Faculty of Medicine Grant Writing Workshop - 2018
Workshop/Seminar | 9:00am–12:00pm
15 – 17
Too Much Medicine Symposium 2018
Symposium | All day
Sep 28 MyGOALS – Multi-disciplinary Gynecologic Oncology Annual Lecture Series
Lecture | 7:30am–4:45pm
Sep 28 Multi-disciplinary Gynecologic Oncology Annual Lecture Series (MyGOALS)
Lecture | 7:30am–4:45pm
16 – 18
CPD Foundations
Workshop/Seminar | 12:00pm–1:30pm
22 – 25
Wilson Centre Atelier - Qualitative Research: An Introduction
Workshop/Seminar | 8:00am–5:00pm
Oct 26 Toronto Neurology Update
Conference | 7:00am–3:30pm


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