Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom noteThe Faculty of Medicine invites alumni to share their Words of Wisdom with our students.

Words of Wisdom is an opportunity for alumni to write notes of congratulations and encouragement to medical students to welcome them to the U of T Medicine Community. Your Wisdom creates an immediate connection between students and the Faculty of Medicine alumni community.

"When I opened my Words of Wisdom letter last fall, I was surprised: I expected my note to be a generic statement telling me that I had just joined the greatest medical school on Earth. Instead, it was a personal message of one alum's lessons learned. As a student joining the University of Toronto from out-of-province, I felt immediately connected to the rich history of this program. I still have my card. Words of Wisdom welcomes students in a way that no administrative statement can, by connecting alumni and students. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with this year's incoming students." - Connor Brenna, MD Class 2T1

There are two ways you can submit your Words of Wisdom note:

  1. Submit an electronic note via our Words of Wisdom page which will be printed on Words of Wisdom letterhead. Please be sure to include your electronic signature!
  2. Submit a hand written note by emailing us to request Words of Wisdom letterhead, which will be mailed to you, along with a return envelope, so that you can hand write your note and return it to the Faculty of Medicine.   

For Words of Wisdom inquiries, please contact:

Faculty of Medicine MedAlumni Office

Karen Lee
Alumni Relations Officer
Faculty of Medicine
E: kare.lee@utoronto.ca
T: (416) 978-3588


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