Events & Reunions

Alumni have access to engaging events and panel discussions — held locally, and around the world — including U of T Alumni Reunion, UofTMed’s twice-a-year Inside the Issue panel, alumni gatherings, U of T In Your Neighbourhood lectures and much more.

Browse upcoming Temerty Faculty of Medicine events, University-wide alumni events and get in touch with the UofTMed alumni team to find out about events near you.

MD mentorship breakfast 2018U of T Alumni Reunion

A weekend filled with activities welcoming alumni back to campus. Take part in tours, lectures, the Dean's Alumni Awards Reception, UofTMed Inside the Issue and more. 



Class ReunionsClass Reunions

Are you looking for a fun way to reconnect with fellow alumni and your alma mater? Become an Alumni Reunion Ambassador and work with the UofTMed alumni team to plan your class reunion.

If you'd like to learn more about class reunions, please contact UofTMed's Events & Alumni Relations Coordinator at or 416-946-0542.


Temerty Medicine Talks

Join The Globe and Mail’s health columnist André Picard and leading U of T clinicians and researchers as they explore the future of discovery, collaboration and equity in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.




UofTMed Inside the Issue Nov 2018UofTMed Inside the Issue

A bi-annual Temerty Faculty of Medicine event, UofTMed Inside the Issue brings the award-winning UofTMed magazine off the page and into a lively panel discussion. 



Dean Trevor Young, Dr. Rose Patten and Professor Shaf KeshavjeeDean's Lunch

The annual Dean’s Lunch celebrates Temerty Faculty of Medicine donors and their impact.

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 Tania Di Renna, Judith Hunter, Andrea Furlan and Abhimanyu Sud.UofTMedTalks

UofTMedTalks is an intimate, intelligent and inspiring take on how scientific discovery and collaborative research at Temerty Medicine and our partner hospitals are advancing health care. 

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Corey Sermer speaks about his projectUofTMed Student Showcase

An inspiring evening for Temerty Faculty of Medicine supporters where students demonstrate their research and innovative technologies through interactive exhibits.

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