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Welcome to the Temerty Faculty of Medicine's Human Resources web page. HR touches the lives of all staff and faculty at the University, and are committed to supporting the achievement of the Faculty's vision of leadership in improving health through education, research and partnerships. 

We work closely with the Faculty’s departments, centres and administrative units to provide academic and administrative HR services. We are proud of the Faculty's work environment, which attracts, develops and retains a talented, productive and diversified workforce.

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The Human Resources Office is located at 1 King's College Circle, Medical Sciences Building, Room 2306, Toronto, ON M5S 1A8.

For general inquiries, please call 416.978.2529 or contact our HR Coordinator. HR Office Fax: 416.978.6746

For specific HR or employment inquiries, please consult with your Academic HR Advisors (Faculty or Academic Staff),  Recruiters or  Administrative HR Consultants (Unionized Staff, Research Associates, PM or Confidential Staff). 

Contact information for the Faculty of Medicine HR team can also be accessed through the HR & Equity website.

Awards & Recognition

Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Staff IMPACT Awards

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine employs over 850 appointed administrative, research and technical staff, all of whom contribute greatly to our vision and mission.  The Staff IMPACT Awards program was launched in 2013 to honour staff whose work and dedication have helped to make the Faculty of Medicine the celebrated school that it is today.

University of Toronto Employee Awards

The University of Toronto celebrates its employees through various award programs honouring exceptional performance as well as recognition of service.

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The University of Toronto is consistently recognized as a top employer.  Most recent honours include:



Administrative HR Recruiters

Dinuka Perera
  Aarthiga Sivakumar




Advancement Medicine   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Anatomy, Division of   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Anesthesia   Dinuka Perera
Banting & Best Diabetes Centre   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Biochemistry   Dinuka Perera
Cardiovascular Collaborative Program   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Cellular & Biomedical Research, Terrence Donnelly Centre for (CCBR)   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Comparative Medicine   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Continuing Professional Development   Dinuka Perera
Dalla Lana School of Public Health   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Discovery Commons   Dinuka Perera
Education Innovations Office   Dinuka Perera
Education Vice Deans   Dinuka Perera
Electron Microscopy Lab   Dinuka Perera
Family & Community Medicine   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Heart & Stroke Richard Lewar Centre   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Immunology   Dinuka Perera
Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Joint Centre for Bioethics   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology    Dinuka Perera
MD Program   Dinuka Perera
MD/PhD Program   Dinuka Perera
Medical Biophysics   Dinuka Perera
Medical Imaging   Dinuka Perera
Medical Science, Institute of   Dinuka Perera
Medicine, Department of   Dinuka Perera
MedStore   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Mississauga Academy of Medicine   Dinuka Perera
Molecular Genetics   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Molecular Medicine, McLaughlin Centre for   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Nutritional Sciences   Dinuka Perera
Obstetrics & Gynecology   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy   Dinuka Perera
Office of Advancement   Dinuka Perera
Office of Communications   Dinuka Perera
Office of the Dean (Finance/HR/Space/OHS)   Dinuka Perera
Ophthalmology   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Otolaryngology   Dinuka Perera
Pharmacology   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Physical Therapy   Dinuka Perera
Physiology   Dinuka Perera
Postgraduate Medical Education   Dinuka Perera
Psychiatry   Dinuka Perera
Radiation Oncology   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Rehabilitation Science Institute   Dinuka Perera
Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Tanz Centre for (Tanz CRND)    Aarthiga Sivakumar
Speech-Language Pathology   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Standardized Patient Program (SPP)   Dinuka Perera
Structural Genomics Consortium    Aarthiga Sivakumar
Surgery   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Teaching Laboratories   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Toronto Western Research Institute
(Playfair Neurosciences Unit)
  Aarthiga Sivakumar
Vice-Dean, Graduate and Academic Affairs   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Vice-Dean, Research & Innovation   Aarthiga Sivakumar
Vice-Provost, Relations Health Care Institutions   Dinuka Perera
Wilson Centre for Research in Education (WCRE)   Dinuka Perera

Administrative HR Consultants

Elizabeth Austin
Jessica Lee
Julie Verduci
Alina Balosin
Basil Haseeb




Advancement Medicine    Jessica Lee
Anaesthesia    Elizabeth Austin
Anatomy, Division of    Jessica Lee
Banting & Best Diabetes Centre    Julie Verduci
Biochemistry    Basil Haseeb
Cardiovascular Sci. Collaborative Program    Julie Verduci
Cellular & Biomedical Research, Terrence Donnelly Centre for    Basil Haseeb
Comparative Medicine, Division of    Basil Haseeb
Continuing Professional Development    Alina Balosin
Dalla Lana School of Public Health    Elizabeth Austin
Discovery Commons    Elizabeth Austin
Education Deans    Alina Balosin
Family & Community Medicine    Jessica Lee
Heart & Stroke Richard Lewar Centre    Julie Verduci
Immunology    Julie Verduci
Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation    Elizabeth Austin
Joint Centre for Bioethics    Elizabeth Austin
Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology    Elizabeth Austin
Medical Biophysics    Julie Verduci
Medical Imaging    Julie Verduci
Medical Science, Institute of    Basil Haseeb
Medicine, Department of    Elizabeth Austin
MedStore    Jessica Lee
Microscopy Imaging Laboratory    Julie Verduci
Mississauga Academy of Medicine    Alina Balosin
Molecular Genetics    Basil Haseeb
Molecular Medicine, McLaughlin Centre for    Julie Verduci
Nutritional Sciences   Julie Verduci
Obstetrics & Gynecology    Julie Verduci
Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy    Julie Verduci
Office of Communications    Jessica Lee
Office of the Dean (Finance/HR/Space/OHS)    Alina Balosin
Office of the Vice-Dean, MD Program   Alina Balosin
Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences    Julie Verduci
Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery    Julie Verduci
Pharmacology & Toxicology    Basil Haseeb
Physical Therapy    Julie Verduci
Physiology    Julie Verduci
Postgraduate Medical Education    Elizabeth Austin
Psychiatry    Jessica Lee
Radiation Oncology   Jessica Lee
Rehabilitation Sciences Institute    Julie Verduci
Rehabilitation Sciences Sector    Julie Verduci
Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Tanz Centre for    Basil Haseeb
Speech-Language Pathology    Julie Verduci
Standardized Patient Program    Alina Balosin
Structural Genomics Consortium    Basil Haseeb
Surgery   Jessica Lee
Teaching Laboratories, Division of    Basil Haseeb
Vice-Dean, Graduate and Academic Affairs    Basil Haseeb
Vice-Dean, Research & Innovation    Julie Verduci
Vice-Provost, Relations Health Care Institutions   Alina Balosin
Wilson Centre for Research in Education   Alina Balosin

Academic HR Advisors


Donna Deak
416 978-8692
Libby Shirriff
416 978-8311
Rachel Dean
416 978-2965




Anesthesia   Donna Deak
Biochemistry   Donna Deak
Cellular & Biomedical Research, Terrence Donnelly Centre for    Libby Shirriff
Family & Community Medicine   Donna Deak
Immunology   Donna Deak
Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology    Donna Deak
Medical Biophysics   Rachel Dean
Medical Imaging   Libby Shirriff
Medicine, Department of   Rachel Dean
Molecular Genetics    Donna Deak
Neurodegenerative Diseases, Tanz Centre for Research in    Libby Shirriff
Nutritional Sciences   Libby Shirriff
Obstetrics & Gynecology   Libby Shirriff
Ophthalmology   Libby Shirriff
Otolaryngology   Libby Shirriff
Paediatrics   Libby Shirriff
Pharmacology   Donna Deak
Physiology   Libby Shirriff
Psychiatry   Donna Deak
Radiation Oncology   Libby Shirriff
Rehab - Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy   Rachel Dean
Rehab - Physical Therapy   Rachel Dean
Rehab - Rehabilitation Medicine   Rachel Dean
Rehab - Speech-Language Pathology   Rachel Dean
Surgery   Libby Shirriff
Surgery - Anatomy, Division of   Libby Shirriff