2014-2015 Research Awards and Honours

The Faculty of Medicine is proud to have many award-winning faculty who have been honoured internationally and nationally for their outstanding research contributions, leadership, ingenuity and impact. 

On December 10, 2015, we celebrated some of these exceptional discoveries, lifetime achievements, and distinctions at the 2015 Research Awards Reception. Recipients of international and national research awards and honours were featured on eight posters, which can be viewed below (Click image for PDF). The posters will also be displayed in the lobby of the Medical Sciences Building, next to the elevators, on a rotating basis throughout the year. 


2015 RAC Boundless Recognition Poster2015 RAC Boundless Distinction Poster2015 RAC Boundless Leadership Poster2015 RAC Boundless Achievement Poster

2015 RAC Boundless Innovation Poster2015 RAC Boundless Impact Poster

2015 RAC Boundless Ingenuity CRC Poster 12015 RAC Boundless Ingenuity CRC Poster 2

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