Declining Dementia Rates: Q&A with Carmela Tartaglia

Professor Carmela Tartaglia comments on a new study that found a dramatic decline in dementia rates in the U.S. She also talks about what Canadians can take from the study and about her own work on dementia and exercise.
Nov 28 / 2016

U of T Hosts Young Investigators Forum

“The good news is that clinical scientists are needed, and will be needed even more going into the future,” Professor Norman Rosenblum told the assembled group. “We straddle the sphere between patient care and research, and our ability to translate discoveries into practice is highly valued.”
Nov 25 / 2016

Improving Health in the Transgender Community

Launching today, the Trans Primary Care Guide is an interactive, online visual tool aimed at providing primary care providers the knowledge and guidelines they need to confidently care for trans people.
Nov 24 / 2016


UofT Medicine
Research reveals huge differences in salt & sugar levels in cereals around the world. See where Canada ranks:
UofT Medicine
Aerobics, weight training & stretching could protect against #dementia, says #UofTMed Prof Carmela Tartaglia
UofT Medicine
Research shows molecular similarities among brain disorders – we need treatments to target them #TheChangeIssue

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