As in Chess, Think Two Moves Ahead

One of the highlights of my career was the day I learned that I had been promoted to the rank of Full Professor. It was a sign that my work was appreciated and having an impact on an international scale. But at the start of the process, I was somewhat tentative to go forward. I hadn’t been successful on my first attempt and the process seemed rigorous and time-consuming (because it was). But with the encouragement of many supportive colleagues, I prepared my dossier and collected the requisite letters. If it seemed onerous at the time, that went away quickly with the news I had been successfully promoted.
Jun 15 / 2016

Scientists Map Molecular Interactions at Point of Conception

Researchers at the University of Toronto have uncovered the first interactions between the human sperm and egg — the initial steps in the creation of human life. The discovery lays a foundation to better understand fertilization and could lead to the development of non-hormonal contraceptives.
Jun 15 / 2016

Could a Common Chemical Play a Key Role in the Fight Against Brain Cancer?

As the most common and aggressive cancerous brain tumour in adults, glioblastoma is a death sentence due to its resistance to all currently available treatments. Now, a University of Toronto professor has made a key discovery: glioblastoma seems to like the common neurotransmitter dopamine.
Jun 14 / 2016

U of T Talks Focuses on Aging Population

The young and the young at heart gathered at the Isabel Bader Theatre on June 8 to discuss an aging population, along with the opportunities and challenges this poses. Organized by the student-led U of T Talks, the event welcomed top scholars from a variety of fields throughout the University of Toronto and beyond. 
Jun 10 / 2016


UofT Medicine
Drawing a clock can be used as an initial screening test for senior drivers, @globeandmail reports
UofT Medicine
#Indigenous patients face unique challenges when seeking help - #UofTMed Prof Lisa Richardson #UofTDrNotes
UofT Medicine
What is the link between MS and depression? #UofTMed's Prof Anthony Feinstein takes a closer look

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