Systems Biology Sheds Light on Early Embryo Development

As far back as she can remember, Ursula Nosi liked to figure things out. Why is the call of one bird different from another? How do the body’s organ systems function together? Why do some peppers rattle when shaken? (Seeds, it turns out — just don’t rub your eyes after touching them.)
May 19 / 2017

Scientists Enlist Engineered Protein to Battle the MERS Virus

A custom-engineered protein destroyed the deadly virus in the lab; could become a sweeping anti-viral in medicine and farming In June 2012, a 60 year-old man with flu-like symptoms walked into a private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Two weeks later, he died from multiple organ failure, becoming the first victim of a mysterious virus that came to be known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS.  
May 18 / 2017

A Fitting Tribute to a Special Kind of Doctor

Gillda Leitenberg and Marcel Reux. Photo by Erin Howe
May 17 / 2017

Hands-On Discovery Goes a Long Way

There’s a reason I didn’t go into surgery. Trying my hand at a laparoscopic demonstration last week — one of 15 stations at the first UofTMed Student Showcase for donors and friends — it was bracingly clear that psychiatry was the right calling for me.
May 16 / 2017


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RT @NYTHealth: How much sugar is in a glass of wine? Do you really want to know?
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Summer is coming & so are sunburns. Watch what happens when skin gets too much sun @statnews

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