Reassuring New Research on Medications to Help Quit Smoking

Large Study Shows Varenicline, Bupropion & Nicotine Patches Don’t Cause Serious Psychiatric Effects Several smoking cessation medications don’t appear to increase the incidence of serious neuropsychiatric side effects compared to placebo, according to a study published in The Lancet on April 22.
Apr 22 / 2016

Diversity: Our Strategic Advantage

When I completed the MD program at the University of Toronto in 1991, there were two black students in my class – and I was one of them. Twenty-five years later the numbers haven’t changed much. While we want to be reflective of the communities we serve, that goal has yet to be achieved. We have seen greater gender equality, but there remain many racial and ethnic groups that are under-represented in our profession.
Apr 20 / 2016

Why Anti-Angiogenesis Treatment Fails

An Exciting Cancer Treatment Hasn’t Fully Lived Up to its Promise -- University of Toronto Researchers Offer A New Explanation A new study led by University of Toronto researchers has provided the first evidence that tumours can thwart a type of drug called angiogenesis inhibitors by stealing blood vessels from neighbouring healthy tissues.
Apr 19 / 2016

Does Palliative Care Need a Rebrand?

Patients are missing out on earlier access to supportive care, all because the stigma attached to the label “palliative care,” according to new research by Professor Camilla Zimmermann, published today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The problem, Zimmermann uncovered, is that patients viewed palliative care as equating end-of-life care, when it’s actually a much broader range of services.
Apr 18 / 2016


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“It’s more dangerous to look one year older than to be one year older,” says Dr. Kaare Christensen. Find out why:
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Mentors are invaluable to student success. One #UofTMed resident offers his perspective on why:
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RT @WSJ: Brazil is in a new stage of the Zika crisis: Caring for infants with tragic birth defects.

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