UofTMed Alum: Why all those hours in the anatomy lab make us better doctors

Do you ever have those moments in your practice where you’re carried back to the anatomy lab? Where in trying to diagnose a challenging case, you remember following those nerve connections with your gloved hands — feeling the muscles, arteries, ligaments, bone.
Sep 20 / 2016

André Picard to Researchers: Do a Better Job of Making your Case

“Too much of what you do is a mystery to people,” The Globe and Mail’s public health reporter André Picard told an audience of scientists at a dinner celebrating the 25th anniversary of the U of T Department of Biochemistry’s George Connell Lectureship. 
Sep 16 / 2016

PT Alumna Shelley Gautier Wins Bronze at Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Cyclist and U of T alumna Shelley Gautier has scored a bronze medal for Canada at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.
Sep 15 / 2016

Measuring Our Impact

I am pleased to share with you the 2016 Dean’s Report, which went “live” today. It describes how, over the past year, we in the Faculty of Medicine have advanced our strategic priorities. We do this through big and bold projects, but also through smaller, incremental activities. Some of this has been driven by institutional leadership, some inspired by our partners and friends, while the rest has happened thanks to the initiative of our students, faculty and staff. What is consistent through it all is our commitment to providing leadership to improve health through education, research and partnerships.
Sep 14 / 2016


UofT Medicine
Getting adequate sleep could have broad health benefits & reduce risk of disability
UofT Medicine
The earlier we can diagnose autism, ADHD & OCD, the better the chances for good outcomes #UofTDrNotes
UofT Medicine
Stress may be diminishing the positives of a healthy diet, study suggest @globeandmail

Fulfilling our Potential

At the Faculty of Medicine, we're fulfilling our potential by producing the next generation of scientists, scholars and clinicians who will change the medical landscape through research and education.

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