Taking Pride in Care for LGBTQ+ Community

With all the celebrations and rainbow flags marking Toronto’s Pride Month — including our own #DisplayYourPride installation at MSB — it’s easy to believe that the prejudice and stigma that once surrounded the LGBTQ+ community is just a historical footnote. But the tragic massacre in Orlando starkly reminds us that while huge advances have been made, many challenges remain. And among them is delivering effective medical care to the LGBTQ+ community.
Jun 29 / 2016

A Better Way to Measure the Severity of Prostate Cancer?

A University of Toronto researcher has found that the key to understanding the severity of prostate cancer may be in the urine.
Jun 29 / 2016

A New Wave of Physiotherapy Research

Could integrating children with disabilities into mainstream schools be causing unintended harm? How do students with non-visible disabilities experience college or university? Do rehabilitation clinicians stigmatize patients based on their weight? These aren’t the sort of questions you would expect physiotherapists to be asking.
Jun 28 / 2016

Faces of U of T Medicine: Dr. Kevin Imrie

June is Pride Month and we’re profiling some faculty and students that are involved in the LGBTQ+ community. Dr. Kevin Imrie, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a Professor in the Department of Medicine, talked to us about some of the shortfalls of medical education when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues and how we can work to improve them.
Jun 27 / 2016


UofT Medicine
Resource developed by #UofTMed students helps support their peers struggling with substance use disorder & addiction
UofT Medicine
For kids with health issues we need to treat both the mind and the body @MedPsychNews #UofTDrNotes
UofT Medicine
#UofTMed's Rachel Tyndale on pharmacogenomics and embracing both logic and curiosity in research @r2rnow

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