Brian Hodges: Preparing the Next Generation

Professor Brian Hodges has been stimulating an international dialogue about how to best prepare the next generation of physicians for a rapidly changing future. He was instrumental in projects that redefined competence for future physicians.
Nov 24 / 2015

Arrowsmith Named AAAS Fellow

Medical Biophysics professor Cheryl Arrowsmith has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). As Chief Scientist at the Structural Genomics Consortium, Arrowsmith enables the research community to benefit from open-access science.
Nov 23 / 2015

How to Tell if Your Child Has a Speech Disorder

Soon after our children are born, we start monitoring their progress – how soon they coo and babble as infants, how early they start crawling, how many words they have at 18 months, and how fluently they speak once they learn to combine words into sentences.
Nov 23 / 2015

Evans Discusses Obesity in Live Chat

Professor Mike Evans has been bringing attention to the battle against obesity with his hit Youtube whiteboard videos on eating and exercise.
Nov 20 / 2015


UofT Medicine
Ras is notorious cancer-causing protein. #UofTMed Michael Ohh finds experimental drug with power to turn it off.
UofT Medicine
Why Brazil has so much Li-Fraumeni, rare genetic mutation that increases cancer risk. @snolen #UofTMed #sickkids
UofT Medicine
RT @SickKidsNews: How much do you know about #epilepsy? Take this short survey & tell us!

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