Inertia Creeps

The possibilities for medicine in our high-tech era are nothing short of astounding.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality - Not Just for Gamers Anymore

From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


We’re Competing with Netflix

How can we stay connected to our alumni?

Linda Quattrin, Executive Director of our Office of Communications, looks at what we need to do to remain relevant to our grads.

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Doctor's Notes (Preview)

Stop portraying childhood disability as tragic or inspirational

By actually listening to disabled people, we realize they are “disabled by” their worlds more than by their bodily differences.


UofT Medicine
Research reveals huge differences in salt & sugar levels in cereals around the world. See where Canada ranks:
UofT Medicine
Aerobics, weight training & stretching could protect against #dementia, says #UofTMed Prof Carmela Tartaglia
UofT Medicine
Research shows molecular similarities among brain disorders – we need treatments to target them #TheChangeIssue
Is a Cure for Alzheimers Within Reach?
Impact Story:
Is a cure for Alzheimer’s within reach?
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