2016 Dean's Report

Dean's Report 2016

Genetic sequencers

Toronto Emerges as Big Data Hotspot

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From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


Doing the Right Thing

As the complexity and speed of modern life increases – from the amount of information we consume to the number of choices and decisions we make in a day – I am increasingly seized with the notion that we as academic leaders of all disciplines need to double down on a critical foundation of our professional training: acting with integrity.

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Doctor's Notes (Preview)

New brain imaging data points to better treatments for autism and ADHD

Right now, we diagnose autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and OCD based on information about a person’s experiences and behaviours that fit a textbook definition.


UofT Medicine
The earlier we can diagnose autism, ADHD & OCD, the better the chances for good outcomes #UofTDrNotes https://t.co/8q3KFYR4Zr
UofT Medicine
Stress may be diminishing the positives of a healthy diet, study suggest @globeandmail https://t.co/0kI2yWUx9g
UofT Medicine
Being a doctor seems like a great job, but with physician burnout on the rise something has to change @TheLancet https://t.co/Lds6VxNe4U
Is a Cure for Alzheimers Within Reach?
Impact Story:
Is a cure for Alzheimer’s within reach?
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