Dr. Kevin Imrie

Faces of UofT Medicine

Dr. Gail Teachman

Convocation 2016

Governor General’s Gold Medal Recipient Dr. Gail Teachman

Let's Do What Can't Be Done.

Jamal Depradine

Convocation 2016

From Summer Mentorship to MD Graduate.

Let's Do What Can't Be Done.

UofTMed magazine Summer 2016

UofTMed — Summer 2016

What makes for a really good mystery? Find out.

From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


As in Chess, Think Two Moves Ahead

One of the highlights of my career was the day I learned that I had been promoted to the rank of Full Professor. It was a sign that my work was appreciated and having an impact on an international scale. But at the start of the process, I was somewhat tentative to go forward. I hadn’t been successful on my first attempt and the process seemed rigorous and time-consuming (because it was).

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Mondays in The Star:

Doctor's Notes (Preview)

Tips to a healthy fun-filled pride

Although Pride is a month-long party for some, the related health concerns can't be ignored.


UofT Medicine
How #CRISPR works and what it means for viruses @uoftmagazine https://t.co/sFuoWIJWP1 https://t.co/uVViAFvbyK
UofT Medicine
There are many #LGBTQ spaces at #UofT, accessible year-round! Here’s a great list of some of them: https://t.co/vGjvIzS8k9 @uoftstudentlife
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M is for Mystery
UofTMed magazine
What makes for a really good mystery?
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