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Food, glorious food!

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Jason Moffat

New Gene Map Reveals Cancer’s Achilles Heel

Wilfred Bigelow

Cold Calculation Keeps Hearts Beating

glycemic index

Finding the Sweet Spot

Derek van der Kooy

Seeing the Possibilities in Stem Cells

From the Dean

Dean Trevor Young,


Food: Our Friend and Foe

Food is our common ground.

So said the legendary cookbook author James Beard. And yet, has there ever been a time in recent history that we’ve been so divided – and confused – over what to eat?

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What hunger looks like in Toronto. Snapshots of #FoodInsecurity https://t.co/o9V7iDy8Hy https://t.co/2ll9PhnOEp
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#UofTMed Dr. Anthony Feinstein on the touching photography of mentally ill in war-torn countries. @GlobeandMailhttp://bit.ly/1Hst1O5
UofTMed Winter 2015 Banner
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Good hospital food, bad vitamins and losing the war on obesity
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