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UofTMed Inside the Issue

UofTMed Inside the Issue: Let's Talk About SexA bi-annual Faculty of Medicine event, UofTMed Inside the Issue brings the award-winning UofTMed magazine off the page and into a lively panel discussion. 

The summer 2019 issue explores how we talk about sex in health care. Despite growing social acceptance of sexual diversity, many health care providers shy away from open conversations. Is it fear? Ignorance? Something deeper? Let’s widen the lens on healthy sex.

Occupational therapist Sylvia Davidson, family physician Charlie Guiang, disability awareness consultant Andrew Gurza and obstetrician-gynaecologist Wendy Wolfman joined UofTMed magazine publisher Linda Quattrin on June 1, 2019 to discuss the evolving nature of sexuality in health care during the UofTMed Inside the Issue: Let's Talk About Sex panel.

The next event takes place this fall — stay tuned for more details!