Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

University of Toronto MIL Transmission Electron Microscope




The Hitachi H-7000 is a 120kV TEM with a tungsten filament electron source 
capable of producing high-resolution digital images from ultra-thin sections or negative
stained samples. The H-7000 operates in regular brightfield zoom mode or selected area
diffraction mode and has a motorized eucentric stage with - 60/+60 degree tilt.  Images are
captured on an Advanced Microscopy Technology XR60 CCD camera.







EColi_Phage Mu_ TEM2011_CarinaButtnerPhage Mu Imaged on the Hitachi 7000 TEM



 E. coli Phage Mu
 Winner of the Best Virus Picture Award

 Viruses of Microbes - Structure and Function, from Molecules to Communities Conference 2014

 Image by Carina Buttner, Laboratory of Dr. Alan Davidson
 Taken on the Hitachi H-7000 TEM

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