TAHSN Research Ethics Committee

TAHSN Research Ethics Committee

The TAHSN Research Ethics Committee (TREC) works to further enhance the interface between the teaching hospitals and the University of Toronto by informing and advising the TAHSN Research Committee (TRC) on research ethics and carrying out specific tasks for the TRC in support of research ethics. TREC takes initiative in collectively sharing information about, discussing and responding to, new issues that come forward. (See our Terms of Reference; DOC)

The Interim Chair of TREC is Professor Jennifer Gibson, Interim Director of the University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics.

The TREC website is hosted by the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.

For more information about TREC, contact:

Stephen Geigen-Miller
University of Toronto
Office of the Vice-Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions
500 University Avenue, Suite 390
Toronto, ON M5G 1V7

Phone 416-978-7680
Email stephen.geigen.miller@utoronto.ca

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