Research Services

Susan Armstrong

Faculty of Medicine supports the research community on the technical aspects of research, from genomics and proteomics to occupational hygiene and safety.

Core Facilities

Diet, Digestive tract & Disease (3D) Facility— Cell-based assays, biochemical assays, cellular and small animal in-vivo time lapse and 3D imaging in full level 2 biosafety containment.

Div of Comparative Medicine  — The Faculty's animal care program.

Faculty of Medicine Flow Cytometry Facility -  5 analyzers (3 to 5 lasers each) and 3 cell sorters allowing multiparameter analysis and cell sorting.

Microscopy Imaging Lab - Cryo-TEM, electron, fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy.

MedStore - Preferred supplier dedicated to providing the Toronto medical research community with expert knowledge and professional service. 


Other Technical Resources

Enivronmental Health and Safety (EHS) - Ensuring that an environmentally responsible, safe and healthy work, research and study environment exists at the University of Toronto.

H.E.P.A. Filter Services Inc. - Biosafety Cabinet Testing



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