Research & Innovation Contacts

Research & Innovation Contacts by Department:

Faculty of Medicine Research Office

(As of January 25, 2019)

Medical Sciences Building, 1 Kings College Circle
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8 Canada

Richard Hegele
Vice Dean, Research & Innovation
(416) 978-5150; MSB, Rm 2111

Hajer Abid
Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Vice Dean, Research & Innovation
(416) 978-6446; MSB, Rm 2111

Jeremy Knight
Manager, Research Administration and Operations
(416) 978-4660; MSB, Rm 2261

Natasha Christie-Holmes, PhD
Research Operations Officer
(416) 978-6075; MSB, Rm 4246

Daniel Harney, PhD
Grants and Awards Editor
(416) 978-3488, MSB Rm 2361

Anna Tantalo
Admin. Assistant - Finance
(416) 978-7346, MSB, Rm 2267

GJ Baylon
Coordinator, Research Information
(416) 978-8339, MSB Rm 2273

Shawn Healy
Research Data and Evaluation Coordinator
(416) 978-1527; MSB, Rm 2271

Cindy Faber
Research Services Officer
(416) 978-5834; MSB, Room 2263

Office Assistant
(416) 946-0799; MSB, Rm 2261


Division of Comparative Medicine Staff

DCM contacts

Microscopy Imaging Lab Staff

Battista Calvieri
(416) 978-8972

Lindsey Fiddes
(416) 978-8972

Stephen Girardin, PhD
Academic Supervisor
(416) 978-7507


Research Contacts at Hospitals and Research Institutes

Baycrest Helen Der, Grants Coordinator
Bloorview Kids Rehab Krissy Doyle-Thomas – Manger, Research Operations
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Dimple Patel - Manager, Grants and Awards
Hospital for Sick Children John Kearny - Manager, Grants Management Office
Mount Sinai Hospital Joanna Ou - Manager, Grants Administration
St. Michael's Hospital Dalton Charters - Director, Research Operations
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Kevin Hamilton - Director, Strategic Research Programs

University Health Network Rosalyn Reid - Manager, Grants and Services,
Grants Officer
Women's College Research Institute Alex Willis - Manager, Research Grants


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