MIL Image Contest 2015

Winners of the 2015 MIL Image Contest

Congratulations to our winners, whose images are featured belowI
All submitted images will be showcased on our website in the upcoming months.

Horton 2015 Image Contest First Place Image

First Place Winner

Garret A. Horton, MSc Student
Laboratory of Dr. Richard Horner

Title: mCherry Fluorescent Protein Expression in the Hypoglossal Motor Nucleus
Microscope: AxioScan Slide Scanner

Description: Fluorescent microscopy image of a coronal section of the medulla oblongata from the brain of a transgenic mouse. Expression of the fluorescent protein “mCherry” can be seen in neurons of the hypoglossal motor nucleus (red) and all cell nuclei are shown in blue. The hypoglossal motor nucleus is the region of the brain that controls tongue muscle activity. mCherry expression is achieved through use of a viral vector that transduces neurons with mCherry encoding DNA. Cell nuclei were visualized using DAPI which is a fluorescent stain that labels nuclear DNA blue.

Jean 2015 Image Contest Second Place Image

Second Place Winner

Sae Rin Jean, PhD Student
Laboratory of Dr. Shana O. Kelley

Title: Mitochondria and Nuclei of HeLa Cells 3
Microscope: Spinning Disk Confocal
Description: HeLa cells, stained for mitochondria with Mitotracker Deep Red (red) and for DNA (blue) with Hoechst.

Kao 2015 Image Contest Third Place Image

Third Place Winner

Ingrid Kao, MSc Student
Laboratory of Mathieu Lupien

Title: Basal-like breast cancer cells – Spindle type morphology
Microscope: LSM 880 Elyra Super-resolution Confocal

Description: This is a cultured cell line from a basal-like breast cancer mouse model stained with CK8 and CK14.

Winners received a giftcard to the University of Toronto Campus Bookstore and Computer Store for $300 (First Place Prize), $200 (Second Place Prize), or $100 (Third Place Prize). 



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