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The Microscopy Imaging Laboratory is managed by Battista Calvieri and Steven Doyle. Both Mr. Calvieri and Mr. Doyle are graduates of Seneca College's Laboratory Technology program, specializing in electron microscopy. Together they combine 40 years of microscopy experience that includes: complete SEM and TEM preparative techniques for a wide range of biological and material science samples, examination and photography of specimens, digital image analysis, SEM and TEM X-ray analysis, confocal microscopy, and instruction and training of students in all stages of specimen preparation and instrumentation.

Both Mr. Calvieri and Mr. Doyle work under the supervision of an Academic Supervisor, Prof. Stephen Girardin who himself has many years of experience in the application of microscopy techniques to biological and materials science specimens.

Medical Science Building, Room 1239
1 King's College Circle, Room 1239
Toronto, ON M5S 1A8

Microscopy Imaging Lab Staff

Battista MIL profile picture Battista Calvieri
(416) 978-8972
Steve MIL profile picture Steven Doyle
(416) 978-8972
Yan MIL profile picture Yan Chen
EM Technician
(416) 978-8972
GirardinGirardin Stephen Girardin, PhD
Academic Supervisor
(416) 978-7507





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