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LSM 510 Confocal

LSM 510 confocalLSM 510 confocal

The Zeiss LSM 510 is a point light source laser confocal microscope with three simultaneous image acquisition channels. The operator can select from up to five laser lines (633, 548, 514, 488, 453 nm). An additional transmitted light channel allows the operator to superimpose fluorescent images onto a DIC image background.

The AxioPlan 2 platform (upright microscope) is equipped with 5x and 20x dry lenses as well as 40x, 63x and 100x oil lenses. A set of 40x, 63x and 100x dipping lenses are also available to the user. Theses high NA apochromatic objective lenses provide quality resolving power for efficient analysis of complex multiple fluorescence signals including Z-stacking, 3D, co-localization and more.

Please note, the LSM 510 runs AxioVision 3.0 software not the new Zen software.