Pathway Grant

To address the gap between the Temerty Faculty of Medicine’s Project Grant proposals and CIHR’s limited available funding envelope, the OVDRI has launched  a  Pathway Grant for the Fall 2020 Project Grant competition. This funding program functions as an internal CIHR bridge grant for top-rated Project Grant proposals from on-campus Temerty Faculty of Medicine applicants:

  • 3 grants per Project competition (Spring and Fall)
  • $100,000 for 1 year, w/potential 1-year no-cost extension
  • Top 3 unfunded proposals, by percentile rank within review committee, will receive Pathway Grants

Terms & Conditions:

To be eligible for a Pathway Grant – you must be enrolled and in good standing with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine's College of Internal Scientific Reviewers at the time of the prior Project Grant competition. To be in good standing, you simply have to remain available to serve as an internal reviewer should you be selected to do so by the College for a specific grant.

Expense eligibility follows the Tri-Council policy on financial management.