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Spring Into Wellness

Mar 26, 2019

Dean Trevor YoungDean Trevor Young Spring means warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers. It’s also a reminder of things to do, such as move the clocks, clean our homes and plan for summer. Let’s add something to that list: wellness.

An essential aspect of mental, emotional and physical health is self-care. It’s a practice that ensures you make well-being a priority, provides space to make occasional errors without debilitating self-criticism and builds resiliency. That practice is different for each person, but whether it’s yoga, a walk in the woods or dinner with loved ones, it’s important to make time for yourself to relax, reflect and reenergize.  

Engaging in self-care does not mean you are on your own. An important part of that practice is knowing when you need help and being willing to see it out. That might mean turning to family or friends, or seeking support from medical professionals.

And when you need support, it’s good to know where to find it. MD students can connect with the Office of Health Professions Student Affairs on the St. George campus or at the Mississauga Academy of Medicine. Post-MD learners can contact the Office of Resident Wellness, while all students can utilize the U of T Health and Wellness Centre downtown and the Health & Counselling Centre at UTM. Appointed staff and faculty can access the Employee & Family Assistance Program, offered through Homewood Health. This is a free, confidential, 24/7 service available for staff, faculty and their families available at 1-800-663-1142.   
Other supports include:

·       PARO 24 Hour Helpline (1-866-435-7362)
·       Good 2 Talk (1-866-925-5454)
·       Distress Centre of Toronto (416-408-4357)
·       Peel Region Distress Line/Spectra (905-459-7777)
·       What’s Up Walk-In Clinics
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has a campaign underway called Mental Health is Health. It’s a reminder that there is no shame or stigma in seeking assistance. This spring — and throughout the year — make time for yourself and know that help is available if needed.

Trevor Young
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Vice Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions 

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Aug 31 Invisible Challenges In Medicine
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International Society for the Advancement of Clinical MEG: Epilepsy and Beyond
Symposium | 7:00am–5:00pm
Sep 13 Cardio-Rheumatology Symposium
Symposium | 9:00am–3:00pm
Sep 18 Leadership, Success and Representation: Black Faculty & Learners
Other | 5:30pm–8:00pm
20 – 22
34th Annual Organ Imaging Review
Conference | 7:15am–5:15pm
Sep 20 Promoting Safer Opioid Prescribing for Patients with Cancer
Grand Rounds | 8:00am–9:00am


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