Hinton and Naylor Call on Physicians to Embrace AI

Deep learning “godfather” Geoffrey Hinton, who knows all too well the limitations of our health-care system, has joined forces with University of Toronto President Emeritus Dr. David Naylor to communicate the life-saving potential of artificial intelligence to physicians – an effort literally hashed out over the kitchen table.
Sep 7 / 2018

Genetic Test Predicts Risk of Leukemia Relapse

The DNA-based test paves the way for precision medicine by giving leukemia patients personal disease prognosis based on mutation frequency in their cancer cells.
Sep 6 / 2018

New Way to Break Cancer’s Vicious Cycle

Study reveals how some tumours fuel their own growth and how stopping this vicious cycle could lead to new treatments.
Aug 29 / 2018

U of T Medicine Leader Named to New ‘Forty Under 40’ List

The U.S.-based Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) has named Darina Landa, the Faculty of Medicine’s Executive Director of Advancement, to its inaugural Forty Under 40 list.
Aug 27 / 2018


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