Faces of U of T Medicine: Helene Polatajko

When you’re a kid, having a mental health condition makes it difficult to fit in. Professor Helene Polatajko helps kids achieve their unique goals so they can confidently engage with their peers. Polatajko is a faculty member and former chair of the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy. She spoke to Sandra Sokoloff about creating strategies that kids can use to cope in their environment.
Nov 14 / 2018

New Canada Research Chairs

Five Faculty of Medicine researchers in molecular genetics, immunology and medical biophysics, have been awarded new Canada Research Chairs.
Nov 13 / 2018

Pathway to Prevent Mono-Related Cancer

Research at the University of Toronto has led to the discovery of a possible path to prevent the development of cancers tied to the Epstein-Barr virus, which infects millions of people a year and causes mononucleosis. Professor Lori Frappier
Nov 12 / 2018
Oct 3 – Dec 12
Introducing Narrative-Based Medicine – Part One
Course | 6:00pm–8:00pm
Oct 16 – Jun 18
CPD Foundations
Workshop/Seminar | 12:00pm–1:30pm
Nov 21 Café Mathématique - Series on Infectious Disease: The Flu, Math, and You
Lecture | 5:00pm–8:00pm
Nov 23 Paediatric Dermatology Update
Conference | 8:00am–4:45pm
Nov 24 Psychopharmacology Conference 2018
Conference | 7:00am–4:00pm
Nov 26 Family and Community Medicine Graduate Studies Info Session
Other | 8:00am–9:00am
Nov 26 Conflict in Interprofessional Life: Interprofessional Education Curriculum Call for Facilitators
Other | 4:00pm–7:00pm


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