Faculty of Medicine

Inspired Words, Inspiring Actions

This year’s alumni award winners discuss the passion that drives their outstanding contributions to medicine. 

Dean Trevor Young will present the second annual Faculty of Medicine Dean’s Alumni Awards Nov. 16 at a Gardiner Museum luncheon. To learn more about the awards or how to nominate alumni, contact morgan.tilley@utoronto.ca


Stephanie Nixon

Sandra Black

BSc ’69, MD ’78, PGME ’82

Brill Chair in Neurology, Department of Medicine
Officer, Order of Canada

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizing alumni whose outstanding career achievements have earned them national or international prominence in research, teaching, clinical care, administration or public service.

“I’ve always been really fascinated by the way people live with injuries to their brain and how they compensate and try to keep going. Early in my career, some of my colleagues asked, “Why would you want to study these depressing disorders like stroke and dementia?” But it isn’t like that. I’m inspired every day seeing how people carry on with extraordinary courage and determination.”

Sandra Black


Stephanie Nixon

Stephanie Nixon

MSc ’00, PhD ’06

Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Pioneer in HIV and Rehabilitation

Rising Star Award

Presented to alumni who have graduated in the past 15 years and have made an important contribution to the Faculty, their local medical/health care community, or a scientific or academic achievement.

“What makes me passionate is the opportunity as a scholar to do social justice work. It’s research with an emancipatory end. It has the potential to uncover systemic barriers that give some people a free lift and limit the opportunities of others. The chance to bring those typically invisible power structures into the light gets me excited.”

Stephanie Nixon


Gordon W. Squires

W. Gordon Squires

BSc ’69, MD ’73, PGME ’86

Lecturer, Department of Ophthalmology
Lead Ophthalmologist, Medical Mission to the Philippines

Volunteerism Award

Honouring alumni who have provided extraordinary volunteer service, demonstrating leadership advancing civic, charitable and social causes beyond the scope of their clinical or academic appointments.

“Taking the residents overseas on medical missions and helping them give back makes me feel that I’m contributing even more: I know that in the future, one of those residents may go over in my place. And so it carries on.”

W. Gordon Squires