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Photo of MD graduate and 2016 valedictorian Louai Musa

“Donor support has allowed me to do a rural family medicine placement and an international elective in Zimbabwe — now I’m planning to practice in low-resource settings. You’ve helped me shape my path.”

MD graduate and 2016 valedictorian Louai Musa






An investment in the Faculty of Medicine reaches beyond any individual institution, equipping leading experts to tackle the most complex challenges in health. Donor support begins with our faculty, researchers and students, but then resonates throughout the health-care system and ultimately serves to enhance human health.

Faculty Support

Named Chairs and Professorships are among the highest honours that can be bestowed upon a faculty member. They are vital to attracting and retaining a high level of leadership, and financial stability allows for the best in research, education and patient-care initiatives.

And as new graduates complete their training and become faculty members, they are in critical need of support. Early Career Professorships allow us to attract the most promising clinicians and researchers who will be part of the next generation of outstanding U of T Faculty.

Student Support

Our students are developing the knowledge, experience and skills needed to become leaders and innovators in an increasingly complex global healthcare landscape. Awards and bursaries help us train and support the finest young people to become the world’s next generation of health professionals and academic leaders. Graduate awards are given to Masters and PhD students in various departments across the Faculty of Medicine.

Many clinical departments have a Clinician-Scientist Program, enabling residents to pursue graduate degrees. Clinician Scientists are a rare breed. They bring important questions from everyday practice into the lab and translate scientific discovery into better health for all Canadians – bridging the gap between the laboratory bench and the patient bedside.

Academic Programs and Initiatives

Programs and initiatives may include innovation and catalyst funds, visiting lectureships, or co-curricular support for students.


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