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MD/PhD Longitudinal Mentorship Program - Mentor Application

The MD/PhD Alumni Mentorship Program is a fantastic way for MD/PhD students to connect with alumni in one-on-one conversations. For students, this is an opportunity to receive advice and insight into the field of medicine and grow a professional network.  For alumni, this is an opportunity to support student success.

Above and beyond specializations, the mentorship program helps students build a meaningful professional relationship with an experienced professional.

The Alumni Mentorship Program runs through the academic year (September to April).

Once matched, alumni mentors and student mentees must meet at least 2-3 times during the academic year. If schedules allow, additional meetings are encouraged.  

Read more about the Alumni Mentorship Program in the guidelines.

For any questions, please contact Karen Lee, Alumni Relations Officer at kare.lee@utoronto.ca

Please provide the following background information to help us match you with a mentee:
Diversity Request

What is a Diversity Request? Many mentees value having a mentor who can identify with their personal situation. By providing us with information on your own diversity profile you can help us to match you with share the same background as you. While this is strictly a voluntary step and not required, the information is helpful in providing the best quality matches between students and mentors. An example of diversity information could be if you were raising a family either while attending school or shortly after graduation. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of matching mentors and mentees.

Please indicate if you have a preference for the type of mentee with which you would prefer to be matched. You may prefer to mentor a student at a specific stage of training or with a particular interest in a clinical specialty or research field: