DNS Mentorship Program - Mentee Application

The Department Of Nutritional Sciences Mentorship Program will be virtual for 2020-2021. 

The Department of Nutritional Sciences Mentorship Program is a fantastic way for Nutritional Sciences students to connect with alumni in one-on-one conversations. For students, this is an opportunity to receive advice and insight into the field of nutritional sciences and grow a professional network.  For alumni, this is an opportunity to support student success.

Above and beyond specializations, the mentorship program helps students build a meaningful professional relationship with an experienced professional.

The Alumni Mentorship Program runs through the academic year (September to April). Once matched, alumni mentors and student mentees must meet a minimum of 2-3 times during the academic year. If schedules allow, additional meetings are encouraged.

New for 2020: DNS Alumni Association will be hosting three group mentoring sessions. Each session will feature an alumni speaker. These sessions are for students only and are in addition to your alumni mentoring relationship. Sessions will be held in October, January and April.

To join this year's program, please complete the form below. Please contact Lola Cullen at lola.cullen@utoronto.ca with any questions.