Creating AODA-Compliant Documents for the Web

Oct 21, 2020

With the volume of PDFs we have on our sites, it's important to understand how to make documents AODA compliant and accessible for all. This 2 part webinar will focus on document creation in the first part (Oct. 21) and remediation in the second (Nov. 4, also from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.).

Day 1 (Oct. 21): Creating AODA-Compliant Documents for the Web 

  • The Legislation, Present and Future
  • Word document formatting basics from an accessibility perspective
  • Checking your document for accessibility
  • What does a document "sound" like?
  • Converting a document properly

Day 2 (Nov. 4): Remediating PDFs for AODA Compliance

  • A look at yesterday's documents
  • Remediating old documents
  • Remediating new documents

Presented by:

Chris Sabatinos 
Web Accessibility Specialist, (AODA)
Office of the Vice President Human Resources & Equity: Office of the Vice Provost Students
University of Toronto

Please register for both parts by sending an email to