MedEmail June 29, 2012

Health and biomedical research innovation, as defined by the application of new knowledge into practice, is core to the Vision of our Faculty that aspires to be an international leader in improving health. The integration of our research agenda among nine fully affiliated hospitals and their research institutes creates the opportunity for leading-edge discovery in many fields. In 2010/11, 1613 researchers with primary university appointment in the Faculty of Medicine obtained 8,317 research grants and held research funding (from sources external and internal to U of T and its affiliates) that totaled $792 million. Our Vice Dean Research and International Relations, Alison Buchan, recently classified major fields of investigation based on the total number of investigators and their funding. These data, along with the strategic research directions among our Departments, Centres and Institutes, enabled the Vice Dean and her planning group to identify four major themes - the core directions for our new Research Strategic Plan. These include: Human Development; Neurosciences and Brain Health; Global Health; Complex Disorders - System Management (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, musculo-skeletal disorders). Successful implementation of strategic research priorities aligned with these themes requires the availability of highly sophisticated core research infrastructure ranging from integrated health informatics and high resolution/high throughput imaging and screening methodologies to effective dissemination/commercialization.
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Friday, June 29, 2012
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