MedEmail February 13, 2013

Diversity among our students, faculty and staff at the University of Toronto is one of our great strengths. Reflective of the diversity of the Greater Toronto Area, our Faculty of Medicine has a student, faculty and staff population that is one of the most ethnically diverse -- not only in Canada -- but across the globe. We celebrated all this and more in our clearly articulated Diversity Statement -- approved by our Faculty Council in September 2011 -- where we identified Indigenous Peoples, African Canadians and the economically disadvantaged for priority attention for admissions to our MD program. One of the goals of our Strategic Plan 2011-16 is to help all individuals reach their full potential. Our efforts to reach this goal are continuous and without compromise. Accessibility equity and social justice are key values that our Faculty embraces as part of our social responsibility.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
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