Faculty of Medicine

Considering WebPac?

If you are part of the Faculty of Medicine and are thinking about creating a new website or updating your current site, you might want to consider our website package (WebPac). You can read about its benefitsfeatureshosting and cost here and then contact us at roberta.brown@utoronto.ca to get started! 


  • Leverage the strength of the University of Toronto brand and, by having a consistent visual identity, create a more positive experience for visitors to your site.
  • Your site will be securely hosted and will have minimum unplanned downtime.
  • The websites have been user tested and are the product of wide consultation with faculty, staff and students.
  • Your site will follow best practices and be AODA compliant.
  • Your site will be responsive and display well on both large and small screens.
  • You will be able to easily update and manage all the content on your site, including your menus.


The WebPac design provides a robust and consistent style throughout the website. The styling of the headers, images, and other visual elements are programed to display consistently across the most common browsers and are AAODA compliant. By having a common design for Faculty of Medicine websites, we are able to provide a consistent user-experience for our visitors and promote the Faculty’s brand. These elements cannot be altered.

That said, the logo and homepage design elements will be configured for your unit. Below is a list of elements that can be included in any WebPac site. For more information, view a detailed list of features with Figureshots (PDF). 

  • WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Search
  • Homepage Banner
  • News
  • Events
  • Web Forms
  • Faculty Directory
  • Image Slideshows
  • Twitter Feed
  • YouTube Embedding
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Research Opportunities
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Alumni Profiles
  • Donor Profiles
  • Analytics and Sitemaps

Hosting and Maintenance

WebPac is built and managed on the Drupal framework. The package is managed on a common set of modules and features that is maintained by Discovery Commons to provide the most effective package at the lowest possible cost.

The following items represent the ongoing maintenance managed by us:
Application updates: We will ensure the Drupal application framework is secure and up to date.
Backups: Backups are managed and tested by Discovery Commons to minimize the risk of data loss.
Hosting: WebPac is hosted in a secure data centre designed to manage Drupal websites.

Content Management
The content on your site will be fully managed by you and your team. You will be able to update any page on your site and manage your menu easily. Check out WebPac tools and resources available to help you manage your site. 


  • Startup: The one time set up cost for the Departmental Website Package is $3,425.
  • Ongoing: The ongoing cost for the package is $1,770 per year which covers the application updates, backups and hosting.
  • Ongoing Support: Once your site is launched and sign off provided, if you face any issues with the site, you can submit an email ticket to discovery.commons@utoronto.ca. Work that is done on your site post launch will be billed on a cost recovery rate of $75 per/hr.
  • Feature Customization: Feature customizations need to be updated manually each time WebPac is updated — approximately 6–8 times a year. Each feature customization will result in an additional 30 minutes of labour per WebPac update, which will be chargeable at the current Discovery Commons cost recovery rate, and is over and above the standard hosting and maintenance agreement. Read more about feature customization.

Get Started

If you would like to use WebPac for your site contact:

Roberta Brown
Digital Communications Strategist
Office of Communications
Faculty of Medicine