Lina Elfaki, Kristina Kokorelias, Ahmed El-Sohemy

Academic Strategic Plan 2018-2023

In January 2019, we launched our ambitious new Academic Strategic Plan. In it, we articulate a vision for the Faculty of Medicine in which “our learners, graduates, faculty, staff and partners will be an unparalleled force for new knowledge, better health and equity.” We will do that by cultivating and bringing to life ideas that impact scholarship and society through unprecedented collaboration drawing in the diverse voices of our research, learning and clinical network. As we begin a new academic year, I want to report on the progress we have made over the past nine months and let you know what you can anticipate in the year ahead.

Extensive consultations and monitoring of key metrics underpin identification of our goals and evaluation of our progress. Nearly 100 people serve on working groups that are helping to ensure U of T Medicine’s success, in addition to more than 400 people who contributed to the strategic plan’s development. The broad engagement of the U of T Medicine community in realizing our ambitions speaks to your commitment to our collective success. I want to thank you all for your commitment, citizenship and collaboration. Together, we are a force for new knowledge, better health and equity.


Trevor Young
Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Vice Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions
University of Toronto


2019 Plan Updates: 

Master Planning

Engage in Master Planning process to meet the Faculty’s future needs for collaborative learning and research across all sectors and programs.

Optimizing our Learning Environments

Deepen the integration of wellness, respect and resilience, including the promotion of professional values.

Improving Faculty Wellness

We will foster a culture where health, wellbeing and resilience are promoted across our enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence

Build capacity to reflect the emerging role of artificial intelligence in health professions.

Research & Innovation Leadership

Develop a pipeline for research and innovation leadership in the Faculty through training and faculty development.

Rehabilitation Research & Clinical Capacity

Expand rehabilitation research and clinical capacity to address burgeoning demographic needs.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Create and resource a comprehensive equity, diversity and inclusion plan, including a review of current resources across the Faculty.

Indigenous Medical Education

Expand the mandate of the Office of Indigenous Medical Education to support learners, faculty and staff across the education continuum while identifying appropriate resources and Indigenous leadership.


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