Celebrating Alumni Impact

Our alumni are making a difference as health care providers, researchers, professors, decision-makers, volunteers and committed community members. A network of over 55,000 health-care leaders, including graduates of our life sciences, rehabilitation sciences, MD and MD/PhD programs, as well as more than 20,000 former residents and fellows — we make a collective impact that's worth celebrating.


UofTMed Alumni Profiles

Alumni share their stories, ideas and experiences. Read about the varied and sometimes unexpected  careers and activities our UofTMed alumni are pursuing.

Photos of MedAlumni - Vincent Lam, Joshua Landy and Louise Walker



Faculty of Medicine Dean's Alumni Awards

Every year we celebrate our UofTMed alumni impact with the Faculty of Medicine Alumni Awards. We highlight the contributions of our alumni, including former residents and fellows, as they advance clinical care, health research, medical education and more. 

Photo of Alumni Award plaques

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