Faculty of Medicine


Professionalism is a core value in health care. At the centre of professionalism is a set of skills and behaviours that validate the trust put in us by our patients, our students, our colleagues, and our society.

  •  We must have the knowledge and skills to deliver care competently, with excellence always as our goal.
  •  Our behaviours must be informed by the needs of our patients, demonstrate integrity and respect, and meet the expectations of society.
  •  We strive to eliminate elitism and arrogance, and to manage conflicting interests responsibly


ceremonyStethoscope Ceremony

Beginning in 2010, the Orientation Committee added a new event to Orientation Week to introduce the new medical students to the Profession of Medicine. The event was viewed as highly successful and it has been incorporated into our orientation activities.

After introductory remarks by the Dean of the Fauclty of Medicine the new students have their stethoscopes ceremonially “draped” over their shoulders as a symbol ofcommitment to the profession they are joining.


Standards of Professional Behaviour

Conflict of Interest: