Furniture and Equipment Disposal

Unwanted Lab Equipment

If you have lab equipment that you are no longer using, you are required to decontaminate the equipment and have a “safe to remove” tag affixed to the equipment by EHS before it is removed from the lab. You can find information for lab and equipment decontamination on the EHS website at:

E-Waste Day

Once a year E-Waste Day is held in the Medical Sciences Building to dispose of electronic and computer items properly. You are asked to store the unwanted items until the E-Waste Day. Discovery Commons staff are on hand during the day to remove and destroy of hard drives from old computers.

Unwanted Office Furniture - Swap Shop

Furniture that is re-usable, but not wanted, can be delivered to the SWAP Shop which is open to anyone to pick-up items. The SWAP Shop is also associated with the recycling center and ensures that all items are properly disposed of if they are not claimed by a new user. All of the information for the SWAP Shop can be found on their web page at