Education Vice Deans Terms of Reference


AUTHORITY Operates through the authority of, and reports to, the Dean, Faculty of Medicine
MANDATE Advise the Dean in all matters relating to education for the Faculty of Medicine and implement initiatives in support of the vision, mission, goals and strategic directions of the Faculty of Medicine.

Vice Dean, MD Program | Patricia Houston

Vice Dean, Graduate and Academic Affairs | Allan Kaplan

Vice Dean, Postgraduate MD Education | Salvatore Spadafora

  1. Advise the Dean in all matters relating to education within the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. Recommend policies, guidelines, and procedures for educational and strategic initiatives, including new programs, activities and events.
  3. Chair and participate as members of the Hospital University Education Committee (HUEC), University Partnership in Academic Rehabilitation (UPAR), and the Education Vice-Chairs Committee.
  4. Provide guidance and oversight for various committees such as the Education Development Fund Adjudication Committee and the Education and Teaching Awards Committee.
  5. Yearly review of the aforementioned committees and other committees that oversee education on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine.
  6. Budgetary oversight of the Office of the Education Vice Deans, including a review of the budget yearly.
  7. Other duties as requested by the Dean.
ADMINISTRATION Administration is provided by Lindsey Fechtig, Project and Administrative Manager.
MEETINGS The Education Vice Deans meets monthly, except for June, July, August and December, unless requested. 
APPROVED Dean, Faculty of Medicine Revised: Nov 2019