Celebrating Staff Achievements at the Faculty of Medicine

Earlier this month, the Faculty of Medicine held its fifth annual staff recognition barbeque to celebrate the efforts of the Faculty’s administrative, technical and research staff.
Jul 26 / 2017

MedEd Ad Infinitum

When you commit yourself to being a healthcare professional, you’re committing yourself to lifelong learning. When the Post MD Education portfolio was created two years ago combining Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), it was to recognize the continuum of education that follows the foundational training provided by the MD Program and other health professions education.
Jul 26 / 2017

Bursting the Bubble: Pre-eclampsia Findings Challenge Previous Theories

New findings from the University of Toronto will shift the direction of future research into the mechanisms behind the most common pregnancy complication: pre-eclampsia.
Jul 25 / 2017

Scientists Enlist Baker’s Yeast to Find New Medicines

One of the hardest parts in drug discovery is pinning down how a medicine actually works in the body. It took nearly 100 years to uncover the molecular target of aspirin, but even with cutting-edge technology, it can take years to untangle how drugs interfere with cells.
Jul 24 / 2017


UofT Medicine
Trying to learn a new language? Exercising may help you master it faster, suggests study
UofT Medicine
A benefit of starting as a lawyer? You know how to deal with stress, says student Max Morgan…
UofT Medicine
RT : . looks to "unlock" secrets of traumatic spinal code injury with new research:

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