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Dean's BreakfastStudents value the wisdom and experience of Faculty of Medicine alumni. Volunteer opportunities give alumni have the chance to give back and contribute to the legacy and reputation of the Faculty of Medicine. To speak with someone from the Alumni Office, please contact alumni.medicine@utoronto.ca or call 416-946-0542.

To volunteer for any of the opportunities below, please use our online form. 

Student Advisors

Alumni advisors have informal conversations with students about career paths, work/life balance, research opportunities, global health opportunities, or teaching/medical education. Apply to be an advisor here.


Students are always interested in opportunities for job shadowing that will better prepare them for their career path.  Alumni have found being involved in the early career exploration and development of medical students to be a highly rewarding and memorable experience. This informal mentorship occurs outside of regularly scheduled curriculum time with little time commitment on the part of the supervisor. Click here to learn (PDF) more about the EEE program.

Involvement in Student Clubs and Interest Groups

Student Clubs are seeking alumni to be guest speakers at student events, interest group advisors and mentors. Preceptors for student-run service learning projects are also needed. Alumni can contribute meaningfully to student life without a long commitment. Apply for this opportunity via our online form.

Awards Committees

Alumni are needed to sit on student award and alumni awards selection committees at various times throughout the year. This is interesting and rewarding work with a short time commitment. Apply for this opportunity via our online form.

Community of Support program

The Community of Support program provides under-represented and Black Canadian students interested in medicine with access to mentors, job-shadowing, volunteer and research opportunities, medical-school admission information and guidance. Learn more at Community of Support (CoS).

Diversity Mentorship Program

The Diversity Mentorship Program was created by the Faculty of Medicine with the goal of connecting 1st and 2nd year medical students from equity-seeking groups with physicians and health researchers who are able to support and assist them in their educational and professional growth and development. The program is administered by the Faculty's Inclusion and Diversity Office.

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom asks alumni to write notes of congratulations and encouragement to first-year medical students and incoming residents and fellows.  Notes can include advice or simply a warm welcome to the UofT Medicine community. Please visit our Words of Wisdom page to learn how to submit your note.

Living History

The Living History website celebrates U of T Medicine’s tremendous legacy and impact through memories shared by our alumni community. Visit the siteto take a walk down memory lane and share your experiences to help us capture the inspiring – and ever-evolving – story of U of T Medicine. 

Become a Mentor

Mentorship is a great way for students to gain valuable professional skills as they head out on their chosen career paths. Through a process of student self-assessment and regular interaction, students develop practical steps toward success.  Mentors and mentees alike benefit from the mentorship experience. Visit our mentorship page for more information. 

To volunteer for any of the opportunities above, please use our online form

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