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Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

The W. T. Aikins Awards are named after Dr. W.T. Aikins, the first Dean of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine after it was reorganized in 1887. These awards are the Faculty's most prestigious awards for sustained commitment to and excellence in undergraduate teaching. The Award winners are selected from nominees in a Faculty-wide process that requires support from both faculty and students. This teaching award is given serious consideration in the academic promotions process.

All faculty members are eligible for nomination for their teaching performance in the undergraduate medical (MD) program. Please note that teaching performance in Arts and Science, graduate, and post-graduate medical programs will not be considered for the Aikins award. Both faculty members and students are welcome to submit nominations. The deadline to complete the on-line nomination form and submit accompanying nominations letters is Monday, January 16, 2017. The recipients of awards will be recognized at the 15th Annual Education Achievement Event on May 15, 2017. Each award winner will receive a framed certificate and a medal. Awardees will also have their names inscribed on the plaque in the Medical Sciences Building foyer. The medals will be formally presented at the annual convocation for Graduating Medical Students.

The award categories are:

  • Individual teaching performance (large group: seminars, lectures)
  • Individual teaching performance (small group: PBL tutoring, ward-based group teaching)
  • Development and use of innovative instructional methods
  • Course/program development and coordination

(Up to four awards may be given annually between the four categories.)

Award Criteria:

All Faculty of Medicine staff are eligible to be nominated for their teaching performance in the undergraduate medical (MD) program in one of the following categories.  Please note that a previous winner may be nominated for an Aikins Award in the same category as the previous award only after a lapse of five years.  A previous winner may be nominated for an Aikins Award in a different category from a previous award at any time.

The minimum number of nominators required for each nomination, and who can nominate, depends on the category as follows: 

To submit your nomination:

  1. Fill out and submit a preliminary nomination form (PDF) by Monday, January 16, 2017.
  2. Attach a letter indicating why this individual is being nominated in the selected category. Letters that are the most helpful address the criteria for the award and present evidence supporting the nominee's excellence in those criteria.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Barbra MacDonald, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Vice Dean
MD Program or 416-946-5371


W. T. Aikins Award Winners

Individual Teaching Performance – Small Group

  • 2016    Carol Heck, Department of Physical Therapy
  • 2015    Fok-Han Leung, Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • 2014    Gemini Tanna, Department of Medicine
  • 2013    Not awarded
  • 2012    Robert Silver, Department of Medicine
  • 2011    David Jenkins, Department of Medicine
  • 2010    Peter Ferguson, Department of Surgery
    2010    Ron Kodama, Department of Surgery
    2010    Shirley Lee, Department of Family and Community Medicine
    2010    Yuna Lee, Department of Medicine
  • 2009    Adrian Brown, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    2009    Robert Sargeant, Department of Medicine
  • 2008    Stacey Bernstein, Department of Pediatrics
    2008    Christopher Wallace, Department of Surgery
  • 2007    Sender Herschorn, Division of Urology, Department of Surgery
    2007    Ophyr Mourad, Department of Medicine
    2007    Michael Sved, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • 2006    W. Gold
    2006     R. Hilliard 2005     A. Agur (inaugural recipient)

Individual Teaching Performance – Large Group

  • 2015    Not awarded
  • 2014    Not awarded
  • 2013    Jeffrey Wassermann, Department of Anesthesia
  • 2012    Dante Morra, Department of Medicine
  • 2011    Barbara (Dee) Ballyk, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery
  • 2010    Michael Wiley, Department of Anatomy
  • 2009    James Ingles, Department of Molecular Genetics
  • 2008    Lori Albert, Department of Medicine
  • 2007    Reinhart Reithmeier, Department of Biochemistry
  • 2006     C. Perumalla
  • 2005     S. Shumak (inaugural recipient)

Individual Teaching Performance
(Note:  This category was divided into two subcategories in 2005)

  • 2004     Not awarded
  • 2003     S. Shadowitz
  • 2002     W. Chapman
  • 2001     G. Olscamp
  • 2000     M. Kapral, R. Kodama
  • 1999     P. Bronskill, M. Cusimano, B. Liebgott
  • 1998     R. Baker, C. Bayliss, R. Hilliard, M. Schreiber
  • 1997     D. Brooks, D. Panisko, M. Sarin, M. Wiley
  • 1996     C.M. Deber, D.J. Gare, P. McKee
  • 1995     M. Goldberg, J. Butany, R. Richardson
  • 1994     A. Gotlieb, R.K. Murray, S. Mintz, I. Taylor
  • 1993     J. Keystone
  • 1992     R. Hyland, J. Tenenbaum
  • 1991     R. Reznick
  • 1990     E.J. Akesson, H. Ho Ping Kong
  • 1989     A. Agur, C. Chalin
  • 1988     J. Desmond, D.K. MacFadden
  • 1987     U. Ackermann, H.S. Himal
  • 1986     C. Whiteside
  • 1985     K.V. Robb, A. Roberts (inaugural recipients)

Course/Program Development and Coordination

  • 2016    Pamela Coates, Department of Paediatrics
  • 2015    Barbara (Dee) Ballyk, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery
    2015    David K. Chan, Department of Medicine
  • 2014    Susan Goldstein, Kymm Feldman and the evolving members of the FMLE Course Committee; Department of Family and Community Medicine
  • 2013    Eleanor Latta, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
  • 2012    Anita Rachlis, Department of Medicine
  • 2011    Jodi Lofchy, Department of Psychiatry   
  • 2010    Not awarded
  • 2009    Vincent Chien, Department of Medicine
  • 2008    Not awarded
  • 2007    Not awarded
  • 2006     J. Banack
  • 2005     J. Ali
  • 2004     D. Elman, M. Schreiber, R. Freeman, R. Hooks, D. Tabak
  • 2003     I. Johnson
  • 2002     J. Bradley
  • 2001     Not awarded
  • 2000     Not awarded
  • 1999     Not awarded
  • 1998     F. Silver, M. Silverman
  • 1997     D. Reid, T. Rutledge, D. Wasylenki
  • 1996     Dr. Gasner; D.E. Isenman and D. Painter, D.G. White and the Department of Family & Community Medicine Undergraduate Education Committee
  • 1995     P. Brubaker, D. Gray, M. Pare; Group Award: C. Whiteside, N. Byrne, D. Alli
  • 1994     M. Vearncombe, P. McCleary
  • 1993     R. Schneider
  • 1992     A. Gotlieb
  • 1991     Not awarded
  • 1990     D.I. Amato, A. Biringer
  • 1989     W.J. Weiser
  • 1988     J.R. Ross
  • 1987     P.H. McCleary, J.L. Provan, R.M. Shier
  • 1986     D.L. Shaul, I.M. Taylor
  • 1985     D.W. Chamberlain (inaugural recipient)

Development and Use of Innovative Instructional Methods

  • 2015    Not awarded
  • 2014    Not awarded
  • 2013    C. Perumalla, S. Matthews, and N. Kee (Group Award), Department of Physiology
  • 2012    Not awarded
  • 2011    Not awarded
  • 2010    Not awarded
  • 2009    Not awarded
  • 2008    Michael Wiley, Department of Surgery
  • 2007    Not awarded
  • 2006     Not awarded
  • 2005     Not awarded
  • 2004     M.J. Hohol, P.A. Stewart
  • 2003     Not awarded
  • 2002     Not awarded
  • 2001     M. Bell
  • 2000     Not awarded
  • 1999     Not awarded
  • 1998     Not awarded
  • 1997     Not awarded
  • 1996     W.J. Weiser
  • 1995     V. Watt
  • 1994     D. Cleave-Hogg, M. Wallace
  • 1993     I. Silver
  • 1992     M. Shier
  • 1991     Not awarded
  • 1990     R. Cohen, C.G. Jamieson, J.L. Provan (Group award)
  • 1989     R.A. Buckman, S. Mintz
  • 1988     Not awarded
  • 1987     M.L. Chipman
  • 1986     Not awarded
  • 1985     N. Ranganathan, B. E. Stubbs (inaugural recipients)

Special Contribution to Teaching

  • 1997     N. Camerman


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